Logos, pathos and ethos 500 word paper

Logos, pathos and ethos 500 word paper.

To complete this assignment, read and watch:
Next, carefully read Christopher F. Chabris’ and Daniel J. Simons’ “Why Our Memory Fails Us.”  (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Carefully read through their arguments until you feel that you have a solid grasp for the case they’re making. This will be the basis for your analysis.
Using Heffernan’s article, the Rhetorical Triangle website and video, and “How to write a rhetorical analysis” as your guide, methodically deconstruct arguments that are presented, both by Chabris and Simons.
Drawing on your understanding of Logos, Pathos and Ethos, analyze the argument presented by Chabris and Simons:
How do they build their case in what they see as the problems of relying on one’s memory?
Do they play on the emotions of their audience or do they rely more heavily on facts and studies?
What is their tone as authors?
Finally, write a thesis statement at the top of your post. It will not count against the 500-word limit.

Logos, pathos and ethos 500 word paper

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