Week 4 report | Seminar in Ethics and Social Responsibility

Week 4 report | Seminar in Ethics and Social Responsibility.

Practice Comprehensive Exam

The comprehensive examination will conclude the formal course work portion of the South University Doctor of Business Administration program. The examination process will provide an opportunity for you to demonstrate doctoral-level mastery of the knowledge base and the competencies required of a doctoral program graduate.

The examination must be successfully completed prior to beginning the dissertation stage. Successfully completing the comprehensive examination will indicate your high level of expertise in the broad field of organizational behavior and your readiness to undertake and complete the dissertation that concludes this program.

The comprehensive examination is scored against specific metrics, against the program learning outcomes, and in accordance with graduate-level expectations of performance. Students successfully completing the actual comprehensive examination are assigned a grade of P/F (pass/fail). For this practice exam, a grade (A, B, C, D, F) will be earned.

The comprehensive examination does not require a “brain dump” of regurgitating every reading from every class. A doctoral-level performance on the comprehensive examination should demonstrate (a) mastery of organizational behavior concepts, (b) the ability to apply theoretical concepts to practice and practice to theory, and (c) the skill to select correct methods and approaches to address research and organizational issues. A doctoral-level performance will also require sufficient evidence from the literature for the statements, conclusions, and perspectives proposed in your responses.

Responses must be complete for the question posed but should not try to cover every aspect of every possible interpretation of the question. Indeed, a primary competency is to be able to state a problem clearly, frame a response, and stay on topic. Responses of specific lengths are not required for any question. If the length of a response is mentioned at all (e.g., 7–10 pages), this is meant to provide general guidelines for typical responses. You will not be evaluated at a lesser assessment level for going under (or over) the guidelines presented. You will be critiqued on the completeness and clarity of your response. In some instances, “less could be more.”

For purposes of the official comprehensive examination, students in the DBA program must successfully complete four question responses. One question will come from each of the four topical areas:

  • Individual Organizational Behavior
  • Group and Team Behavior
  • Organizations, Leaders, and Global Environments
  • Research Proposal

For your practice comprehensive exam, your instructor will assign you a sample question just prior to the beginning of Week 4 of this course. Your response will be due by the due date assigned.

Submission Details:

  • Use APA format and style for your paper.
  • Complete your paper in a 7- to 10-page Microsoft Word document.
  • Name your file SU_MGT7205_W4_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.


  -Here is your question designed to prepare you for writing answers to your actual comp exam.  Use current credible/scholarly literature for the majority of the assignment, but some references to older works by leading scholars is acceptable. All names of companies and individuals are fictional.

For-Profit University (FPU) has recently been acquired by the not-for-profit organization, PeopleFirst. PeopleFirst wants to leverage the academic systems already in place at FPU to raise funds in support of its charitable mission as well as provide educational opportunities for the often-overlooked, potential students served by its humanitarian projects. The mission statement at PeopleFirst indicates, “Building respect, dignity, opportunity, and trust in every client and every organizational member.” However, FPU had a reputation of transactional leadership and a corporate culture marked by profit, mistrust, compliance, and adherence to hierarchy. The CEO at PeopleFirst has asked you to provide an in-depth recommendation (action steps) for how to lead the change and influence the creation of a culture supporting PeopleFirst’s mission. 

Week 4 report | Seminar in Ethics and Social Responsibility

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