English 3 hw2 | English homework help

English 3 hw2 | English homework help.

 1.   “The wind howled and shrieked” is the form of figurative language that gives human qualities to an inanimate or nonhuman thing, also called

a.  Metaphor b.  Personification c.  Protagonist d.  Simile

2.   The expression “My love is like a red, red rose” is an example of

a.  Context clues. b.  Literal language. c.  Figurative language. d.  None of the above.

3.   Please refer to Story A2 and answer the following question. Which sentence, if inserted in the blank space, would make the best sense in the context of the passage

a.  The director, Peter Hall, had to beg the theater management not to close the play immediately but to wait for the Sunday reviews. b.  Despite the audience reaction, the cast and director believed in the play. c.  It looked as if Waiting for Godot was beginning a long run as the most controversial play of London’s 1955 season. d.  Waiting for Godot was in danger of closing the first week of its run and of becoming nothing more than a footnote in the annals of the English stage.

4.   The statement “Life is like a box of chocolates” is an example of

a.  Metaphor b.  Personification c.  Protagonist d.  Simile

5.   When the writer/speaker makes a direct comparison stating that a thing is something else, s/he is using a

a.  Metaphor b.  Personification c.  Protagonist d.  Simile

6.   Please refer to Story A1 and answer the following question. Which of the following words would best fit into the blank in the final sentence of the passage?

a.  Scapegoat b.  Hero c.  Leader d.  Victim

7.   Please refer to Story A2 and answer the following question. Judging from the information provided in the paragraph, which of the following statements is accurate?

a.  The 1955 production of Waiting for Godot was the play’s first performance. b.  Waiting for Godot was written by Peter Hall. c.  The sets and characters in Waiting for Godot were typical of London stage productions in the 1950s. d.  Waiting for Godot was not first performed in English.

8.   Select the item that is a complete sentence.

a.  Notice that the fragment is frequently a dependent clause or long phrase that follows the main clause. b.  A story with deep thoughts and emotions. c.  Toys of all kinds thrown everywhere. d.  A record of accomplishment beginning when you were first hired.

9.   A literary term to describe the problem in a story, such as character-against character, is

a.  Conflict b.  Plot c.  Setting d.  Theme

10.   Please refer to Story A2 and answer the following question. Which of the following provides the best definition of the term avant-garde as the author intends it in the passage?

a.  Unintelligible b.  Innovative c.  Foreign d.  High-brow

11.   The character who is in conflict with the main character in a story is called the

a.  Evangilist b.  Antihero c.  Antagonist d.  Protagonist

12.   Two men decided to go fishing. They rented a boat and went into the Gulf of Mexico at 6 A.M. They encountered rough water, and their boat capsized. Now they are trying to hold on to the boat’s upside-down hull, hoping to be rescued.

a.  Character-against-character b.  Character-against-nature c.  Character-against-society d.  Character-against-self

13.   Select the item that is a complete sentence.

a.  Because his car was in the shop. b.  When you finally take the test. c.  If you want to go with me. d.  John waited.

14.   He saw in the distance a beautiful, graceful bird soaring across the sky. The word soaring means

a.  Falling b.  Gliding c.  Leaping d.  Slithering

English 3 hw2 | English homework help

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