Psyc 421 quiz 3 | Psychology homework help

Psyc 421 quiz 3 | Psychology homework help.


1. Which of the following is TRUE about systematic and unsystematic error in the assessment of physical and psychological abuse?

2. If traditional measures of reliability are applied to a criterion-referenced test, the reliability estimate will likely be

3. A polytomous test item is a test item

4. In the context of IRT, the term discrimination best refers to

5. Which of the following is usually minimized when using split-half estimates of reliability as compared with test-retest or parallel/alternate-form estimates of reliability?

6. A psychologist administers a test and the testtaker scores a 52. If the cut-off score for eligibility for a particular program is 50, what index will best help the psychologist determine how much confidence to place in the testtaker’s obtained score of 52?

7. Which is TRUE of measurement error?

8. Which would NOT be useful in estimating a test’s inter-item consistency?

9. KR-20 is the statistic of choice for tests with which types of items?

10. Which type of reliability estimate would be appropriate only when evaluating the reliability of a test that measures a trait that is presumed to be relatively stable over time?

11. Which of the following is TRUE for parallel forms of a test?

12. Item response theory (IRT) focuses on the

13. If the variance of either variable is restricted by the sampling procedures used, then the magnitude of the coefficient of reliability will be

14. Predictive and concurrent validity can be subsumed under

15. In the development of the CUWQ, which research tool was used to assist the test developers in selecting the final form of the test?

16. Evidence of the homogeneity of a test can be found in the

17. The results of a predictive validity study of a test will likely be affected most by

18. Which of the following is BEST be viewed as varieties of criterion-related validity?

19. Which BEST represents an unobtrusive measure of marital adjustment?

20. “How can group differences on cognitive ability tests be reduced while retaining existing high levels of reliability and criterion-related validity?” According to Gottfredson, the answer to this question

21. “The effect of instituting this remedy for adverse impact is to make equivalent all scores that fall within a particular range.” Here, the “remedy for adverse impact” is more technically referred to as

22. A psychologist wants to determine the criterion-related validity of an intelligence test by determining how well it predicts a student’s placement in a special class. If the psychologist used the intelligence test for both diagnosis and special class placement, that criterion would be said to be

23. In the development of the CUWQ, the variable “amount of worry” was quantified using

24. A test reviewer comes to the conclusion that a certain test is “a valid test.” This means that the reviewed test has been shown to be valid for

25. Blueprinting is BEST associated with   


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Psyc 421 quiz 3 | Psychology homework help

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