Fair savings bank problem | Operations Management homework help

Fair savings bank problem | Operations Management homework help.

Obtain the linear trend equation for the following data on new checking accounts at Fair Savings Bank and use it to predict expected new checking accounts for periods 16 through 19. (Round your intermediate calculations and final answers to 2 decimal places.)
Period New Accounts Period New Accounts Period New Accounts
1 200 6       236 11 281
2 211 7       243 12 275
3 211 8       250 13 288
4 222 9       257 14 288
5 235 10       267 15 319
Use trend-adjusted smoothing with α = .2 and β = .1 to smooth the new account data in part
a. What is the forecast for period 16?
Forecast for period 16 is 291.08 from below excel

Compute the initial trend estimate (Tt) for Period 5 as follows:
Then compute the initial trend-adjusted forecast (TAFt) for Period 5 as follows:

Then compute all remaining values (including the Stvalue for Period 5) using the textbook formulas or Excel template.
(Use the “Trend” values to 3 decimal places and other values to 2 decimal places for intermediate calculations. Round your final answer to 2 decimal places.)

Fair savings bank problem | Operations Management homework help

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