Ba 2410 mod 4 project

Ba 2410 mod 4 project.

 PROJECT: Select one, but only one, of the following options to complete for the project component of your grade.

  • This Project is due as noted with the course schedule.
  • Submit the project early to avoid all emergencies. 
  • Note:  Spelling and grammar are critical and five points will be deducted for each error, i.e. carefully proofread your assignment prior to submission.
  • Note:  The sample projects are attached as benchmarks for this project.

Option A:  Research a HR issue that is currently in Congress at the Federal level and prepare a two page, formal letter (typed, single spaced, Times 12-font, with one inch margins) addressed to your Congress-person; based on your research and the position that you are going to argue for.

  • The spelling, grammar, and proper citations should be of an: “A” paper quality (5-points will be deducted for each misspelled word, grammar error, etc.).
  • Purpose: a copy of this letter must be sent to your state’s Senator or House Representative.
  • Note: The letter does not begin with “I have to write this letter as an assignment for my Professor…”  

Option B:  Schedule a company visit with a HR Manager, Director, or Vice President (the individual you are visiting must have HR in his/her title).  The visit must be on-site with the HR person at his or her company (a picture with the HR person and his/her business card is required/mandatory; i.e. no picture and/or no card = zero points), it must include a complete company tour, and you are required to prepare a detailed summary (cover page, introduction, all questions asked, all answers, and final comments) of your visit.

  • The Professor must approve this visit before it can be completed.
  • The spelling, grammar, and proper citations should be of an: “A” paper quality (5-points will be deducted for each misspelled word, grammar error, etc.).
  • (Successful completion of this project earns a 20-point bonus.)


  • Read the assignment instructions carefully and thoroughly: start early!
  • If you have any questions on the assignment instructions, requirements, and submission procedures, email your course instructor for clarifications as soon as possible.
  • Submit your completed assignment per the given submission instructions.
  • Note late postings will not be accepted for points (no excuses–this includes all Blackboard related issues).

Ba 2410 mod 4 project

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