The majority of the writing should be your own original writing.

The majority of the writing should be your own original writing..


7 page fully cited formal paper on an individual artist or designer.

This is a double spaced 12 font paper. The paper is fully cited with all research that was read and quoted and all websites looked at listed on the bibliography. To see proper citing using the MLA guidelines you can see them here:

There should be a cover sheet, 7 pages of writing, and the bibliography page. The cover sheet for the paper should include the following information: title of paper, your name, course title and number, course instructor, and date paper is submitted. The papers body is at least 7 full pages. The citations are on their own page.

1. The paper should have an introduction, several paragraphs about the subject of the paper, and a conclusion. The first sentence or sentences must tell the reader what the subject of the paper is- you must have a clear thesis to have a well written paper. If the paragraph is an analysis of a work of art, give the basic visual information about the work right away. Even a beautifully written paper will not make sense to a reader if the subject is not clear.

2. Any paper, no matter what its length, must have a structure. The unit of an essay is the paragraph, which presents the material on a single subject in a logical order. It must begin with a topic sentence, which states the subject to be discussed. Underline your topic sentences and see if they make an outline of your paper. They should. Then make sure that the paragraph really is about the subject of the topic sentence. You may have written a fine paragraph, but not one that fits the topic sentence. Keep the paragraph and change the first sentence. Or keep the topic sentence and fit it to a new paragraph.

3. Content:

Select one artist/designer, do research on them to discover how they began to make the work that they are known for. Connect their life experience to the work they do. I do not want a list of bibliographic information but analysis and related content.

Select a at least 3 works of their art and give a detailed description of the “formal” qualities of the art object (formal here means “related to the form,” not “fancy” or “elegant”). In other words, you’re looking at the individual design elements, such as composition (arrangement of parts of or in the work), color, line, texture, scale, proportion, balance, contrast, and rhythm. Your primary concern is to attempt to explain how the artist arranges and uses these various elements. Use correct vocabulary words.

How does this artist’s work fits into a particular stylistic category or school of thought —for example, Impressionism, Renaissance, Abstraction, Minimalism, Illustration, et al. Why do you think that?

Talk about how the formal or stylistic qualities of the artist reflect or affect the time in which they were made. More specifically, look at the object’s relationship to ideas about gender, class, artistic creation, culture, or politics associated with that time. Or connect artworks with the theories of a particular person (for example, the connection between paintings by Surrealist Salvador Dali and Sigmund Freud’s dream analyses).

The majority of the writing should be your own original writing. Quotations are only used sparingly for emphasis or clarification

You need a minimum of 3 written resources and 2 visual resources.

this paper is according to the outline last time you help me complete. 

There are some comments the professor made.

The majority of the writing should be your own original writing.

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