Begin the online portion of this lab by going to the website.

Begin the online portion of this lab by going to the website..


begin the online portion of this lab by going to the website.…

write a two page essay on your results in an IAT test explaining the point of it and ect…

Choose “RACE IAT” read the directions carefully and do the exercise. You will be asked a number of questions about who you are and your thoughts on race. These questions are anonymous and provide the researchers with demographic data about who in general is taking their test. THESE QUESTIONS ARE NOT A PART OF THE ACTUAL TEST, and you may opt to skip them if you’d like. The lab begins when you start responding to pictures and words.

After completing the exercise, please take a screen shot of your results (you may want to print them out as well for back up). Your results must be uploaded along with your lab write- up in order to receive full credit.

You must also view the video in order to complete the write up for this exercise.

Finally, you will find the information on this website useful in processing your experience. Read the FAQ after you have completed the IAT.

The write up should be two pages in length (standard APA format including a cover sheet) and should include the following:

  1. Demonstrate your understanding of the experiment: the IAT measures the construct Implicit Associations.
    •  Define implicit associations
    •  How do they differ from explicit associations
    •  How is it operationally measured in the IAT
  2. Discuss your lab experience and results.
    •  Do your impressions agree with the information provided in FAQs?
    •  If you have criticisms of the lab, be sure to back up your concerns with evidence
  3. Reflect on your results.
    •  Be sure to relate your result to the text and to class lectures.
    •  Here’s a hint: look at perception and the notion of TOP DOWN in ourinterpretation of the raw data received through your senses.
  4. Reflect on the video clip.
  5. As always, be sure to use standard college writing practices in the style and structure of your paper.

 everything is in powerpoint provided . please let me know if you don’t have access to powerpoint will re send, also after completing the IAT please provide a screenshot so I could have it along with the essay

so to begin click on this link….
click Race IAT and complete the short quiz should take about two minutes just to get a result the end result is what you will be writing about

complete the Race IAT and base the essay on those results . the format of the essay is in powerpoint  

Begin the online portion of this lab by going to the website.

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