Assignment 2: analysis on food security

Assignment 2: analysis on food security.


Assignment 2: Analysis on Food Security

Due Week 7 and worth 110 points

The members of the United Nations found great value in the analysis you provided on the effects of global warming that result from population growth.  They are now asking you write an additional analysis to include further  issues related to population growth. Here is the issue they have asked  you to consider:

The  member states of the United Nations seek to build food systems that can  provide global food security which will feed everyone, everywhere,  every day by improving food quality though the promotion of effective  and nutritional agricultural practices. The  crucial issue is not the lack of food in the world but the access to  that food. In many developing countries, food shortages are due to  governmental control over food distribution. These governments maintain  control of the population and their power by limiting access to  nutritious food to certain groups. In this practice, they thereby  “weaponize” food. 

Your  second project as a consultant for the United Nations is to develop an  analysis that addresses three issues related to global food insecurity  caused by global population growth and poverty, and to explore these  issues in a developing country of your choosing. 

The UN has given you the following guidelines.


The  UN has asked that your paper contain three sections. Each section  should be one page (or approximately 300 words) in length and answer  specific questions, identified in the outline below. It also asks that  you use examples from your developing country when answering the  questions. 


Provide an introduction of half a page minimum that addresses points a-e below.

  1. Explains the problem the UN has asked you to address in your own words;
  2. Identifies the three sections your paper will cover;
  3. Identifies the developing country you will consider;
  4. Tells the UN the causes of food insecurity; and
  5. Provides a one-sentence statement of your solutions at the end of your introduction paragraph.

Section I. Background

  1. What is food insecurity?
  2. What role does population growth play in food security?

Section II. Technologies That Can Reduce Hunger and Improve Food Security

  1. What forms of technology can be used to reduce hunger and improve food security?
  2. How would these technological solutions work?
  3. What causes of food insecurity do these technologies address?

Section III. Specific Factors in Chosen Developing Country

  1. Considering  the causes of food insecurity, what factors interrupt the flow of food  from the source to the people in the developing country you selected? 


  • Provide  a conclusion of half a page minimum that includes a summary of your  findings that the United Nations can use to inform future policy  decisions.

Success Tips

  • In answering each question, use examples from your developing country to illustrate your points. 
  • The  UN needs facts and objective analysis on which to base future policy  decisions; avoid personal opinion and make sure your answers are based  on information you find through research. 

Formatting Requirements

  • Make sure your paper consists of four to six pages of content (or 1,200 words minimum, not including the cover or reference pages).
  • Create headings for each section of your paper as follows:  
    • Section I. Background
    • Section II. Technologies That Can Reduce Hunger and Improve Food Security
    • Section III. Specific Factors in Chosen Developing Country
  • Use and cite at least five credible sources in your research. A list of potential resources is available below.
  • Make sure your paper contains both in-text citations and a source list, per SWS guidelines: Refer to the Strayer Writing Standards (SWS) document for reference. 
  • Include a cover page with your name, the country you selected, the date you submitted the paper, and your instructor’s name.

Potential Sources

  1. Peter Timmer. May/June 2015. Food Security and Scarcity: Why Ending Hunger Is So Hard. Foreign Affairs.
  2. The United Nations Population Division. 2017. World Population Prospects: The 2017 Revision.
  3. Will Martin. November 5, 2010. Food Security and Poverty: A Precarious Balance. Let’s Talk Development blog by The World Bank.

The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is as follows:

  • Propose  a plan to address the issue of global food security in underdeveloped  countries that considers the impact of prior solutions. 

Assignment 2: analysis on food security

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